New Game Coming in Stardew Valley World

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Is Stardew Valley not the most absolute best farming game with a retro look ever? Well, I’m obviously biased, but I love the game SO MUCH, imagine my excitement to learn that SDV developer Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) is already developing 2 new games.

There’s not a ton of information available about the 2 new games Eric is working on, but back in 2020, he responded to a fan about a new game within the SDV universe:

Straight from ConcernedApe’s Twitter

Amazing! Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a new game within SDV? It’s not farming-related, according to Eric, but it’s amazing still nonetheless that this guy is still pushing onward to make a new game. He’s seriously dedicated, and definitely an inspiration to new game developers, solo game developers, and programmers alike.

And yet, even while working on this game and the buzz around what it will entail, he’s also expressing the need to not get too excited over the new game.

Right From the Horse’s Mouth (Ape’s mouth?)

Can’t some of us relate to this, especially my fellow writers/bloggers/web devs? You can’t create when you’re under pressure or stress from outside stimuli. It’s hard enough trying to do it yourself without all the extra pressure.

There’s also a sense humbleness in the second tweet. He just wants to share his art and ideas with the world. Isn’t that what we really want to see? SDV was a huge success, but I honestly enjoy the retro graphics, the game play, and overall aesthetics of the game itself. Plus, the music is super chill!

Regardless of what the game in SDV will be, I’m just excited to see more from this developer. Stardew Valley has been amazingly fun to play and mod, so I’m all in on the next ConcernedApe creation.

Game on, folks!

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